A logo is a unique identity for your company, brand or service creates proper corporate image. Logo makes you distinguishable among crowd and get noticed. Logo helps to expand business horizons. Though a matter of perception, but many opine that a great logo design makes a company look bigger.

We carefully study your business perspectives and strategy to tap your inner emotions and your company’s image. You can select the logo that suits your need among various options.

On the selected logo, we offer you revisions in form of tweaks and variations until you are 100% satisfied. Thus, every logo that we design becomes attractive, effective and symbolic which stimulates your company’s visual appeal.

  • Custom logo design with colors
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with multiple revisions

What is Logo?

A logo is a design, graphical representation, image or symbol that represents a business or organization. Really, it is more than just an image. It is and will become part of a larger marketing concept and brand for your company.

What Makes a Logo Great?

What makes great logo design? That question has many answers. Any business owner wants their logo to stand for something, and stand out in the sea of competitors.

There are many different approaches you can take with logo design. Logo is a very important step in the development of your company, and requires thought, research and hard work. If you are serious about your company and its brand, use a professional logo development company.

  • Keep It Simple Logo: Logos should be simple, and not overly elaborate or complex. There is no fancy text, colors, or design. Such logos are simple, yet so powerful.

  • Color in Logo Design: Some logos are designed around color. You can have one color with different shades, two colors or multiple colors. Different colors evoke different emotions. For example, green is used to imply wealth or expense, so you can  use a green logo to imply an increase in perceived value. Blue has a calming and soothing effect. Multiple colors can be used to accent and highlight specific parts of the logo.

  • Shapes in Logo Design: Shapes are easy to remember. When you see a logo, and its shape is magnified, or skewed from the normal, it seems to stick in our minds.

How to Design a Logo: Step By Step

Whether you are a designing it yourself or hiring a graphic designer, there is a process to logo design. Begin the logo design process by considering the company’s overall identity and brand.

  1. Hone in on Your Message: What do you want to communicate, what emotion do you want to emote, what tone do you want to convey? You have to know where you want to go in order to find a way to get there. Be analytical, do research on your target audience, industry standards, and competitors.

  2. Brainstorm and Conceptualize: Get out the sketch pad and put out all the ideas. Write the company name in all lower case letters, then all upper case. Are there contours and shapes within the letters of the company’s name from which you can play? Is there a company product whose silhouette frame can be mimicked? Find a way to convey it without actually saying it? At this step, it is important to focus more on ideas than the actual architecture.

  3. Digital Concept: Time to put away the pencil and start with digital construction. Use different typefaces and notice any ligatures that can be joined. If you did a thorough step 1, you will design on purpose and not based off of personal preferences. This is why it is a good idea to consult or hire a professional designer.

  4. Perfect and Execute: Time to perfect every twist, turn, line, and area of negative space in the logo. Don't make the detrimental mistake of using image manipulation software to create a vector insignia. If creating an impactful logo and marketing strategy is not your forte, hire a professional design company that has a proven track record.